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Pontoon Rental

  • Monthly/Yearly Boat storage rentals

  • Storage rentals include the option of storing your boat at either of our 2 locations on Smith Lake – Lakeshore Marina or Duncan Bridge Marina

  • Call to reserve one of our pontoons available to rent by the day or ½ day

  • Fill up at our floating dock gas station equipped with 24 hour credit card service


Dry Storage Rates

20′ Boat – $120.00/mo or $1320.00/yr
21′ Boat – $125.00/mo or $1375.00/yr
22′ Boat – $130.00/mo or $1430.00/yr
23′ Boat – $135.00/mo or $1485.00/yr
24′ Boat – $140.00/mo or $1540.00/yr
25′ Boat – $145.00/mo or $1595.00/yr
26′ Boat – $150.00/mo or $1650.00/yr
27′ Boat – $155.00/mo or $1705.00/yr
28′ Boat – $160.00/mo or $1760.00/yr
29′ Boat – $165.00/mo or $1815.00/yr
30′ Boat – $170.00/mo or $1870.00/yr
Jet Ski – $60.00/mo or $660.00/yr
Trailer – $20.00/mo or $220.00/yr

“C” Slip Fee (Upper Rack) are $25.00 more monthly ($275/yearly) due to extra overhead space that are required for some boats.

Short term seasonal summer customers only: From May 1st through August 21st there will be a $50 charge in addition to regular monthly storage rates.

There is a 5-day advanced notice period to cancel your rental without charge. For holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Independence Day, & Labor Day), there is a 7-day advanced notice policy. Failure to notify before this begins will result in being charged for the entirety of your boat rental.

Cancellation Policy



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